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Embedded distutils imports deprecated imp module #955

jfinkels opened this Issue Sep 19, 2016 · 4 comments


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jfinkels commented Sep 19, 2016

The Python built-in module imp has been deprecated since Python 3.4. The importlib module should be used instead.

This is related to issue #555.


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stale bot commented Jan 14, 2019

This issue has been automatically marked as stale because it has not had recent activity. It will be closed if no further activity occurs. Just add a comment if you want to keep it open. Thank you for your contributions.


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asottile commented Jan 24, 2019

@gaborbernat this is still an issue -- can this get a reopen

@gaborbernat gaborbernat reopened this Jan 24, 2019


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johnthagen commented Jan 24, 2019

And @gaborbernat for context/motivation, this is very important for running with -Werror from within tox. When you do that currently, if virtualenv trips DeprecationWarnings, it's challenging and a bit ugly to try to silence them from the user side.


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johnthagen commented Jan 24, 2019

@gaborbernat Could you also remove the wontfix label that stale bot added?

@stale stale bot removed the wontfix label Jan 24, 2019

gaborbernat added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 25, 2019

clrpackages pushed a commit to clearlinux-pkgs/virtualenv that referenced this issue Jan 28, 2019

[update to 16.3.0] Copy only required files from exec_prefix and only…
… if it is really different from prefix path (#1282)

Adam Sampson (2):
      Dereference symlinks more thoroughly in copyfile (#956)
      Use os.path.realpath to resolve the symlink. (#1259)

Anthony Scopatz (1):
      Xonsh Support (#1206)

Anthony Sottile (3):
      Update outdated docs referring to bin/ (#1286)
      Use importlib over imp in python3.x (#1289)
      produce a virtualenv zipapp (#1287)

Antti Haapala (1):
      Allow sourcing in shells "exit on error" mode

Bernat Gabor (19):
      fix master not embeded
      pass through proxy and HOME variables
      add ISSUE/PR template, include pyproject.toml, clean not needed news
      Add news documenation for #1244
      clarify project
      add changelog
      Move to a declarative build script via setup.cfg, improve package metadata
      add pytest xdist to speed up tests
      add release Azure task
      fix releae
      release 16.2.0
      fish 3 compatbility
      also deploy sdist
      fix linting
      add stale issue
      try to fix brew CI break
      fix documentation, alter faulty examples
      avoid packaging non source code
      release 16.3.0

Bernát Gábor (11):
      enable test report for forks (#1243)
      bump embeded wheels (#1257)
      Shell fixes (#1258)
      code improvements (#1262)
      Jython enable for coverage report. (#1263)
      revert to a non src layout (#1264)
      Fix boostrap script generation (#1265)
      Support the embed script on Windows (#1266)
      make assertions on packaging, recommend tox for all testings (#1267)
      as powershell is now universaly available, do not enforce Windows line endings (#1268)
      bump vendored pip to 19.0.1 (#1291)

BrownTruck (1):
      solved problem when using -u in a non interactive shell (#922)

George Lund (1):
      Link to Python 3 venv

Jurko Gospodnetić (1):
      update testing notes, and test space path support

Kyle Altendorf (1):
      Discourage installation as root, such as with sudo (#1283)

Mickaël Schoentgen (1):
      Fix ResourceWarning: unclosed file (#1277)

Microdog (1):
      Pre-import some built-in modules in PyPy (#1281)

Miro Hrončok (2):
      Add test for missing pip/certifi's cacert.pem
      Fix error with missing pip/certifi's cacert.pem

Sviatoslav Sydorenko (1):
      Fix testenv:upgrade deps in tox config (#1276)

Wouter De Borger (1):
      made lib64 symlink relative again (#1249)

Zachary Ware (1):
      Update default license URL to match upstream (#1247)

anatoly techtonik (1):
      Document when --always-copy was introduced (in PR #409)

daa (2):
      Do not override certificate bundle if it is defined in pip config (#1273)
      Copy only required files from exec_prefix and only if it is really different from prefix path (#1282)

drevicko (1):
      added instructions for changing --system-site-packages in existing envir... (#738)

nonylene (1):
      Set VIRTUAL_ENV enviroment variable in (#1057)

ptaneli (1):
      Move to news files for changelog via towncrier. (#1234)

ykdojo (1):
      Fixed a typo in index.rst (#1269)

Éric Araujo (1):
      fix reporting in site module (#1245)

v16.3.0 (2019-01-25)


- Use ``importlib`` over deprecated ``imp` in ``distutils/`` for python 3 - by Anthony Sottile (`#955 <>`_)
- Preserve ``cert`` option defined in ``pip.conf`` or environment variable. (`#1273 <>`_)
- fixed a ``ResourceWarning: unclosed file`` in ``call_subprocess()`` - by Mickaël Schoentgen (`#1277 <>`_)
- pre-import some built-in modules in ```` on PyPy according to PyPy's ```` - by microdog (`#1281 <>`_)
- Copy files from ``sys.exec_prefix`` only if it is really different path than
  used prefix, bugfix for #1270 (`#1282 <>`_)


(NEWS truncated at 15 lines)
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