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Read first line from file as link path #244

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Kyle Gibson Carl Meyer
Kyle Gibson

In some cases, (e.g. cherrypy and pyaml) when installed from github, results in a egg-link file that has two paths:


The consequence of such an egg-link is that virtualenv believes that the file is already relative, even if it clearly isn't.

Although asking why the above malformed egg-link occurs is something I am still investigating, I think it should be considered whether using readline is better than read, given that file paths can't contain new lines anyway.

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Carl Meyer


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Mar 25, 2012
Kyle Gibson kylegibson Read first line from file as link path 017ee49
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@@ -1667,7 +1667,7 @@ def fixup_pth_file(filename):
1667 1667
1668 1668 def fixup_egg_link(filename):
1669 1669 f = open(filename)
1670   - link =
  1670 + link = f.readline().strip()
1671 1671 f.close()
1672 1672 if os.path.abspath(link) != link:
1673 1673 logger.debug('Link in %s already relative' % filename)

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