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Add a --setuptools option #356

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This adds an explicit --setuptools option, and an implicit $VIRTUALENV_SETUPTOOLS environment variable. It also explicitly sets the default value of use_distribute to False for backward compatibility. However, this will allow us in Debian to easily change the default to use distribute (as per Debian policy).

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I've updated to the latest version of virtualenvwrapper (and thus, virtualenv), but it's still installing distribute instead of setuptools when running with --setuptools or the VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_SETUPTOOLS value set to true. Any idea why that would be?

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Commits on Nov 14, 2012
  1. @warsaw

    Add a --setuptools option (which implicitly adds $VIRTUALENV_SETUPTOOLS)

    warsaw committed
    envar, for overriding any default use of distribute.  No-op in Python 3.
  2. @warsaw
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@@ -858,6 +858,16 @@ def main():
help='Use Distribute instead of Setuptools. Set environ variable '
'VIRTUALENV_DISTRIBUTE to make it the default ')
+ parser.add_option(
+ '--setuptools',
+ dest='use_distribute',
+ action='store_false',
+ help='Use Setuptools instead of Distribute. Set environ variable '
+ 'VIRTUALENV_SETUPTOOLS to make it the default ')
+ # Set this to True to use distribute by default, even in Python 2.
+ parser.set_defaults(use_distribute=False)
default_search_dirs = file_search_dirs()
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