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You may want to run pypilot as a service, see the scripts/debian directory

Clone the data repository and copy data:

git clone

Build and install pypilot:
sudo python3 install

most of the scripts can be run individually as standalone
or test programs, some function as clients, other as servers

servers (only one executes at a time)

These server scripts can be run as tests:
* execute this script directly

pypilot -- autopilot

instead of running the complete autopilot these scripts provide a server with specific functionallity.

pypilot_boatimu    -- imu specific to boat motions
                      includes automatic 2d/3d calibration and alignment of magnetic sensors
                      * useful for testing the imu (gyros) or even just reading gyros
pypilot_sensors    -- test sensor inputs only
                       reads nmea0183 from serial ports or from tcp connections, and multiplexes
                       the output to both nmea0183.
                       listed on tcp port 20220 by default
                       * convert and multiplex nmea0183 data

pypilot_servo   --   use to test or verify a working motor controller is detected,
                      can be used to control and calibrate the servo

clients (run as many of these to connect to a server):

pypilot_control -- simple interface to command autopilot
pypilot_calibration -- interactive gui for all autopilot calibrations
pypilot_kivy -- work in progress kivy control app
pypilot_client_wx -- graphical client (wx widgets)
pypilot_scope -- plot client with wx widgets (for checked listbox)

pypilot_client -- console client

pypilot_hat -- autopilot control interface using GPIO pins, with web configuration on port 33333
pypilot_web -- python flask application for browser autopilot control


free autopilot for sailboats written in python supporting signalk




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