A simple script to create review request for Fedora.
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This project aims at providing a simple way to create a review request
for Fedora on https://bugzilla.redhat.com

See --help for information on how to run the script.
Configuration file will be generated at the first run in
This configuration file contains the target for the scp
command which uploads the file on fedorapeople.

The basic idea of this project is:
- from a spec and srpm
  - start a koji scratch build
  - if build worked
    - upload to fedorapeople.org
    - create the bugzilla ticket
    - Add the koji build in the bugzilla as a link
  - otherwise:
    - warn user

/!\ The future of fedora-create-review

This code has now been integrated into FedoraReview.

If I keep the code present here, changes will be applied in both places until
the code diverge. Then FedoraReview will become the official source for this