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PyPy.js: PyPy compiled into JavaScript

Note: Development is sleeping at the moment. Discuss this here: #213. Look at iodide (specifically, pyodide) for a maintained and heavily developed alternative.

PyPy. Compiled into JavaScript. JIT-compiling to JavaScript at runtime. Because why not.

This is a very-much-in-flux collection of supporting scripts and infrastructure for an experimental emscripten/asmjs backend for PyPy. You can read more about the project (and try it out live!) here:

If you just want to use a pre-compiled PyPy.js interpreter, please download a release bundle from the above website and follow the instructions in the included README.

If you're like to work on the PyPy.js code itself, please see the details in CONTRIBUTING.rst. All code is available under the MIT License.

For the history of the project, see NEWS.

Repository Overview

pypyjs Main repository to built a PyPy.js release
pypy Fork of PyPy with support for compiling to javascript
pypyjs-release Latest release build of PyPy.js, as a handy git submodule
pypyjs-release-nojit Latest release build of PyPy.js, without a JIT
pypyjs-examples Examples/snippets usage of pypyjs-release and pypyjs-release-nojit source for website use pypyjs-release and pypyjs-release-nojit