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clj-statsd is a client for the statsd protocol for the clojure programming language.

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An Example

Here is a snippet showing the use of clj-statsd:

(ns testing
    (:require [clj-statsd :as s]))

(s/setup "" 8125)

(s/increment :some_counter)             ; simple increment
(s/decrement "some_other_counter")      ; simple decrement
(s/increment :some_counter 2)           ; double increment
(s/increment :some_counter 2 0.1)       ; sampled double increment

(s/timing :timing_value 300)            ; record 300ms for "timing_value"

(s/gauge :current_value 42)             ; record an arbitrary value

(s/with-timing :some_slow_code          ; time (some-slow-code) and then
 (some-slow-code))                      ; send the result using s/timing

(s/with-sampled-timing :slow_code 1.0   ; Like s/with-timing but with
 (slow-code)                            ; a sample rate.

(s/with-tagged-timing :slow 1.0 ["foo"] ; Like s/with-timing but with
 (slow)                                 ; a sample rate and tags.

Buckets can be strings or keywords. For more information please refer to statsd


The easiest way to use clj-statsd in your own projects is via Leiningen. Add the following dependency to your project.clj file:

[clj-statsd "0.4.0"]

To build from source, run the following commands:

lein deps
lein jar