Capistrano recipies for deploying / configuring nginx, thin, passenger, database syncing, basecamp integration and node js deployment.
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Deployment Recipiez

A collection of capistrano recipes for doing a whole host of things to servers.

  • Apache vhosts
  • Logrotate
  • Monit
  • Nginx Vhost
  • Database syncing
  • Rsyncing
  • Chef
  • Php Vhost
  • Thin Setup
  • Node js deployment
  • Foreman Upstart Functionality
  • Golang deployment


This is released as a gem on

gem install recipiez

In your capistrano deploy.rb

require 'recipiez/capistrano'

Now you will have access to all the cool recipies that I use on a daily basis.


Often even in non-ruby projects I use Bundler when running capistrano. Add this to your Gemfile

gem 'recipiez', :require => false