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Wee Beastie

Rewrite of SavageBeast to work with Rails 2.3.x as a rails engine.


  • script/plugin install git://
  • rake wee_beastie:install
  • rake db:migrate

Add the following 2 lines to environment.rb

  • config.active_record.default_timezone = :utc
  • config.reload_plugins = true

Code specific

  • include WeeBeastie::UserInit into your user model
  • setup the user.forum_admin attribute to true to allow you to administer and setup the forums.


  • Currently there is no out of the box way to create moderatorships. You need to add the create moderatorship links in your user administraion.


  • You need to have rsync installed for the install process.
  • Wee Beastie plays best with the Resful Authentication plugin but any authentication can be used if the current_user and logged_in? methods are implemented. It has also been successfully integrated with clearance.
  • This is still rough around the edges for please fork and submit your improvements upstream so we can make beast work as a rails engine.
  • Future direction: once rails 3 is released it may be worth researching how hard it would be to make this a mountable application rather than a rails engine.

Copyright © 2009 Alastair Brunton, released under the MIT license

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