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"""Howdy fellow developer!
We are glad you are taking a look at our code :-)
Make sure to check out our documentation too:
If you do not understand why something is not working as expected,
please submit an issue (or even better a pull-request with at least
a test failing):
from collections import namedtuple
from http import HTTPStatus
from autoroutes import Routes
from .http import Cookies, Files, Form, HttpError, HTTPProtocol, Query
from .io import Request, Response
from .websocket import ConnectionClosed # noqa. Exposed for convenience.
from .websocket import WSProtocol
Route = namedtuple('Route', ['payload', 'vars'])
class Roll(dict):
"""Deal with routes dispatching and events listening.
You can subclass it to set your own `Protocol`, `Routes`, `Query`, `Form`,
`Files`, `Request`, `Response` and/or `Cookies` class(es).
HttpProtocol = HTTPProtocol
WebsocketProtocol = WSProtocol
Routes = Routes
Query = Query
Form = Form
Files = Files
Request = Request
Response = Response
Cookies = Cookies
def __init__(self):
self.routes = self.Routes()
self.hooks = {}
async def startup(self):
await self.hook('startup')
async def shutdown(self):
await self.hook('shutdown')
async def __call__(self, request: Request, response: Response):
if not await self.hook('request', request, response):
if not request.route.payload:
raise HttpError(HTTPStatus.NOT_FOUND, request.path)
# Uppercased in order to only consider HTTP verbs.
if request.method.upper() not in request.route.payload:
raise HttpError(HTTPStatus.METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED)
handler = request.route.payload[request.method]
await handler(request, response, **request.route.vars)
except Exception as error:
await self.on_error(request, response, error)
# Views exceptions should still pass by the response hooks.
await self.hook('response', request, response)
except Exception as error:
await self.on_error(request, response, error)
return response
async def on_error(self, request: Request, response: Response, error):
if not isinstance(error, HttpError):
response.status = error.status
response.body = error.message
await self.hook('error', request, response, error)
except Exception as e:
response.status = HTTPStatus.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR
response.body = str(e)
def factory(self):
return self.HttpProtocol(self)
def lookup(self, request):
request.route = Route(*self.routes.match(request.path))
def route(self, path: str, methods: list=None,
protocol: str='http', **extras: dict):
if methods is None:
methods = ['GET']
klass_attr = protocol.title() + 'Protocol'
klass = getattr(self, klass_attr, None)
assert klass, ('No class handler declared for {} protocol. Add a {} '
'key to your Roll app.'.format(protocol, klass_attr))
assert set(methods) <= set(klass.ALLOWED_METHODS)
# Computed at load time for perf.
extras['protocol'] = protocol
extras['_protocol_class'] = klass
def wrapper(func):
payload = {method: func for method in methods}
self.routes.add(path, **payload)
return func
return wrapper
def listen(self, name: str):
def wrapper(func):
self.hooks.setdefault(name, [])
return wrapper
async def hook(self, name: str, *args, **kwargs):
for func in self.hooks[name]:
result = await func(*args, **kwargs)
if result: # Allows to shortcut the chain.
return result
except KeyError:
# Nobody registered to this event, let's roll anyway.