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# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
#this file is needed in site-packages to emulate readline
#necessary for rlcompleter since it relies on the existance
#of a readline module
from __future__ import print_function, unicode_literals, absolute_import
from pyreadline.rlmain import Readline
__all__ = [ 'parse_and_bind',
'callback_read_char',] #Some other objects are added below
# create a Readline object to contain the state
rl = Readline()
if rl.disable_readline:
def dummy(completer=""):
for funk in __all__:
globals()[funk] = dummy
def GetOutputFile():
'''Return the console object used by readline so that it can be used for printing in color.'''
return rl.console
import pyreadline.console as console
# make these available so this looks like the python readline module
read_init_file = rl.read_init_file
parse_and_bind = rl.parse_and_bind
clear_history = rl.clear_history
add_history = rl.add_history
insert_text = rl.insert_text
write_history_file = rl.write_history_file
read_history_file = rl.read_history_file
get_completer_delims = rl.get_completer_delims
get_current_history_length = rl.get_current_history_length
get_history_length = rl.get_history_length
get_history_item = rl.get_history_item
get_line_buffer = rl.get_line_buffer
set_completer = rl.set_completer
get_completer = rl.get_completer
get_begidx = rl.get_begidx
get_endidx = rl.get_endidx
set_completer_delims = rl.set_completer_delims
set_history_length = rl.set_history_length
set_pre_input_hook = rl.set_pre_input_hook
set_startup_hook = rl.set_startup_hook