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+The pyreadline package is a python implementation of GNU readline functionality
+it is based on the ctypes based UNC readline package by Gary Bishop.
+It is not complete. It has been tested for use with windows 2000 and windows xp.
+Version 2.0 runs on Python 2.6, 2.7, and >3.2 using the same code.
+ * keyboard text selection and copy/paste
+ * Shift-arrowkeys for text selection
+ * Control-c can be used for copy activate with allow_ctrl_c(True) in config file
+ * Double tapping ctrl-c will raise a KeyboardInterrupt, use ctrl_c_tap_time_interval(x)
+ where x is your preferred tap time window, default 0.3 s.
+ * paste pastes first line of content on clipboard.
+ * ipython_paste, pastes tab-separated data as list of lists or numpy array if all data is numeric
+ * paste_mulitline_code pastes multi line code, removing any empty lines.
+ The latest development version is always available at the IPython git
+ repository_.
+.. _repository:
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