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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
from pyrf.devices.thinkrf import WSA
from pyrf.connectors.twisted_async import TwistedConnector
from twisted.internet import reactor, defer
import twisted.python.log
# connect to wsa
dut = WSA(connector=TwistedConnector(reactor))
def show_i_q():
yield dut.connect(sys.argv[1])
# setup test conditions
yield dut.reset()
yield dut.request_read_perm()
yield dut.freq(2450e6)
yield dut.decimation(0)
dut.connector.vrt_callback = receive_vrt
# capture 1 packet
yield dut.capture(1024, 1)
def receive_vrt(packet):
# read until I get 1 data packet
if not packet.is_data_packet():
# print I/Q data into i and q
for i, q in
print "%d,%d" % (i, q)
# exit
d = show_i_q()