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A useless, and thefore essential, Android keyboard application, available on the Android Market:

Ever seen the great "Learn French in One Word" video ( from The Observing Participant (

This application is an Android keyboard dedicated to communicating with French people.

Since the French language can be boiled down to "one simple word", then you only need a one word keyboard (with a few variations) when sending text messages to French people.

To enable it, once installed, go to "Settings" > "Language & keyboard", and check "French in One Word". Then, long press any text input, and select "Input method" > "French in One Word". You now hold the keys to French!

This application is Open Source, which means its source code is available for free:

I have no relation to Michelle Chmielewski (The Observing Participant), it's just that I really enjoyed watching "Learn French in One Word" and decided it was worth an Android application.