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Square Cash - you owe me money!

This week, Square introduced Square Cash, a new service that lets you send money to your friends through email.

To use it, just send your friend an email with the amount in the subject and Cc

That's it, you don't need to install any new app, go through a painful signup process, or use a specific email provider.

It's free, simple, secure.

Here is a trick I'd like to share with you: you can make it even simpler for friends who owe you money by sending them a mailto link. Then, they just need to click on the link to open their favorite email app and send that worthy email.

{% highlight html %} Send me money! {% endhighlight %}

Send me money! »

I think that's a pretty cool way to collect money from your friends :) .

Side note: as of now, Square Cash only works in the US.

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