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Welcome to the toohardforyou wiki!

Ok let's write down the basic rules to implement.

This is more of a TODO list then a manual... be warned!

The games starts with 3 lines, 3 holes per half line, and one ball thrown from the paddle.

When the users completes a two line Tetris, he gains 1 ball. Three line Tetris, + 2 balls 4 lines Tetris, + 3 balls

A maximum of 6 balls may exist at the same time. When the maximum is reached, no more ball is created.

When the user looses the last ball in play, a line is added to the Tetris from the bottom (pushing the falling piece if necessary), and a new ball is launched from the paddle.

The player looses when the bricks reach the top.

When a brick is touched by a ball, it becomes broken, which mean the ball can go through it but it still counts for making lines.

Breaking bricks can have different effects, depending on the type of bricks (which can be seen from it's graphics).

Breaking a brick gives score points. Making lines gives score points. The more lines at once, the more points (up to 4 lines at once).

Types of bricks :

  • Bomb : removes a line.
  • Good bonus : releases a good bonus
  • Bad bonus : releases a bad bonus
  • Classic : do Nothing.
  • Unbreakable

Some bricks should be "thick", which means it takes multiple hits to break them. The user won't know what's inside until he breaks them.

To go the next level, a user must make X lines and break Y bricks. If there are more then 50 bricks in game and all bricks of the wall are broken, the player earns an extra score bonus, and all bricks are rebuilt.

Each new levels means faster initial speed for balls, and faster speed for pieces going down.

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