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Getting started

Clone the git repository

git clone

Ensure you have ImageMagick installed on your system. If not, check out chapter “Dependencies” below.

At the prompt command, install gems:

bundle install

At the prompt command, start your server:

rails server

If you need some data, check out chapter “Import Data” below.


  • Ruby 1.9.2 (use RVM)

  • mongoDB 1.8.X

  • imagemagick

  • heroku


We doing some image processing with ImageMagick (

For MacOS X users, you can install Homebrew ( a packet manager and then install ImageMagick.

At the command prompt:

brew install imagemagick


bundle install

Import Data

To get some data from 2007 French Presidential Election, at the command prompt type:

rake migrate:france2007


At the command prompt, launch tests:

rake test


Deploying in staging mode:

rake deploy:staging

Or in production mode:

rake deploy:production