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Welcome to PyRK. This is a solver tool for coupled neutronic and thermal hydraulic reactor transient analysis in 0-D. It is in active development. Please correspond directly with the author for suggestions about use, additional documentation, etc.


Detailed instructions will be present in the upcoming user's guide. However, for now, install this as you would any other pure python module

python install

If you use --prefix, be sure to add the path to your PYTHONPATH environment variable.


The documentation for pyrk can be found at Additionally, the entire contents of that website can be built from the doc directory in the source code using the following steps

  1. pip install sphinx
  2. pip install sphinx_rtd_theme.
  3. sphinx-apidoc --separate --force --output-dir=src/ ../pyrk
  4. make clean
  5. make html

After these steps, the website will be found in pyrk/doc/_build/html.


The license for this work can be found here. Please be respectful of my intellectual work by communicating with me about its use, understanding its limitations, and citing me where appropriate. I would be thrilled to work with you on improving it.


This repository is a work in progress. I would love it if you wanted to contribute to this code here in this repository. Here is some information about how to do that..