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Yet another wordpress theme for ikde.org.

It's @csslayer who forked kde-breathe from wordpress default theme: twentyten. I forked it again to make it elegant looking and functional, matching the new kde official theme: Neverland.

I removed a lot of unneeded functions, added codes respect Chinese users tastes(eg: they do not use categories and tags that much) and useful and better looking widgets.

Now it support:

  • Native thread comment

  • Recent comments with Gravatar

  • Elegant bar monthly archive and tag cloud

  • Builtin image auto resize and lightbox preview

  • Syntax highlight

  • Galley

  • KDE commit summary auto style

  • Retina Display

  • Mobile friendly

And it will support:

  • Image magnifier

  • Bug tracker style

  • Reader wall

  • Annoucement board

  • Ajax post/comment/image load