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Pyrocko v2017.11.16 introduces Python 2/3 support!

Many things changed under the hood, we have a new module structure (which is backwards compatible).
New deployment for Anaconda and pip.

With over 30000 lines of code and documentation changed in this update,
it is likely that some hiccups will follow even though we have greatly
extended our unittest infrastructure. Please help us with testing and

Most important changes are:

  • Python 2/3 support
  • Improved documentation and examples
  • Community support chat
  • Installation through python pip and Anaconda
  • Built-in Snufflings added: Maps, Seismosizer and Cake
  • Version naming has changed to rolling release style (e.g. v2017.11.16)
  • Reorganized module hierarchy (backwards-compatible)

The documentation at https://pyrocko.org has seen many changes with more examples from the world of seismology.