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# Application Structure
- [Introduction](#introduction)
-- [The Root Directory](#the-root-directory)
+- [The Addons Directory](#the-addons-directory)
+- [The App Directory](#the-app-directory)
+- [The Core Directory](#the-core-directory)
+- [The Database Directory](#the-database-directory)
<a name="introduction"></a>
## Introduction
-The structure for PyroCMS is nearly identical to [Laravel's application structure](
+The application structure of PyroCMS is nearly identical to the [application structure of Laravel](
-<a name="the-root-directory"></a>
-## The Root Directory
+<a name="the-addons-directory"></a>
+## The Addons Directory
+The `addons` directory is where all addons not included in the composer.json file should be kept.
+<div class="alert alert-info">
+<strong>Note:</strong> Typically addons in the addons directory are committed to your project repository.
+#### Addon directory structure
-For simplicity, we will only review additional root level directories.
+Just like composer packages PyroCMS addons have a `vendor` slug that is included in their path. Addons also include the site's `application reference` and the addon's `type` in it's full path.
- - addons
- - shared
- - {app_reference}
- - core
- - docs
- - resources
- - storage
- - streams
+ addons/{reference}/{vendor}/{addon}-{type}
-#### Addons
+An example could be:
-Any addons that are not included in the `composer.json` file can be added to the `addons` directory.
+ addons/pyro/anomaly/documentation-module
-Shared addons can be accessed by any application in the PyroCMS installation while addons for a specific application are kept within their own directory.
+##### Sharing addons between applications
- addons/shared // Accessible by all applications
- addons/default // Only accessible by the default application
+All addons in the `composer.json` file will be available for all applications in your PyroCMS installation.
-Typically, project specific or non-reusable addons would live in either of these directories and be committed to your project's VCS.
+You can also share addons by placing them in the `addons/shared` folder.
+ addons/shared/anomaly/documentation-module
-#### Core Addons
+<a name="the-app-directory"></a>
+## The App Directory
-All addons included in your projects `composer.json` file are loaded into the `core` directory.
+The `app` directory can be used just like in a native Laravel application. While it is recommended to bundle your application logic in addons the app directory can be helpful for odds and ends that do not fit in to your addons.
-#### Docs
+<a name="the-core-directory"></a>
+## The Core Directory
-All documentation for PyroCMS addons and packages lives within the `docs` directory in the root. This is where the getting started docs live for PyroCMS.
+Any addon required by your `composer.json` folder will be located in the `core` directory within it's vendor directory.
-#### Resources
+<div class="alert alert-warning">
+<strong>Warning:</strong> It is not advised to commit your core directory!
-All system override files go in the `resources` folder. You can override config files as well as translation files currently.
+<a name="the-database-directory"></a>
+## The Database Directory
-#### Storage
+The `database` directory works exactly the same as a native Laravel application. Because most migrations and seeds are within addons, it can be helpful to put miscellaneous seeds and migrations in the `database` directory.
-Streams adds it's own storage directory. All volatile storage like compiled entry models and field type file dumps belong here. This directory should **not** be committed to your VCS.

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