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Pages Module > restricted_to does not allow breadcrumb generation #1069

danrichards opened this Issue Jan 9, 2012 · 1 comment

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I was doing a little hair pulling messing with the tag reference for breadcrumbs and I noticed one of my problems was the pages modules doesn't generate a breadcrumb for the template class if the page is restricted_to property is set.

In my case, I'm making private documentation using the pages module and a breadcrumb would be very useful.

If you see:
Line #123, there is an elseif that can be changed to a regular if and the $breadcrumb will be set.

Also the 2.0 documentation contains an error in the tag reference example for has_breadcrumbs.



I get what you are saying here - I'm going to do some more testing and take a look at this.

Thanks for the doc fix as well. We're fixing that in the 2.1 docs.


@jerel jerel added a commit that closed this issue Mar 31, 2012
@jerel jerel Closes #1069. Pages breadcrumbs now work on restricted pages. If they…
… have permissions to view the page they should be able to view the breadcrumbs
@jerel jerel closed this in 492a9fd Mar 31, 2012
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