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Search module back-end (link/menu item) #1638

ryun opened this Issue · 5 comments

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In 2.2 there is a link for the search module under the "content" menu, but further study shows that the search module has no controllers. So it begs the question are we missing an admin page or is it suppose to be there at all?


think some one is working on search module, anyway, at the moment i am implementing personal features, maybe i can help in the module as soon as possible


Disclaimer: This is the 2.2/develop branch, so we're allowed to have unfinished stuff in there.

There is going to be a backend page for it at some point, showing common searches and the like. Right now I don't have any wireframes, or know how it's meant to work. I think the solution will be to remove the link in 2.2 then build it more awesome for 2.3. That seem reasonable?


Removed it.


Hey I wasn't complaining, I was just making a note of it.


ok phil.

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