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Configuration for vagrant and puppet systems, allowing you to build a PyroCMS-friendly environment in next to no-time.
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PyroCMS Vagrant

Configuration for vagrant and puppet systems, allowing you to build a PyroCMS-friendly environment in next to no-time. That means that instead of needing to install XAMPP/WAMPP/MAMP, fight with the built in version of Apache on your Mac or configure some slow over-the-network VPS to run your code you can use our Vagrant / Puppy setup to run PyroCMS in its own little virtual box.



Create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments. A command line wrapper for VirtualBox.


Puppet manages your servers: describe machine configurations in an easy-to-read declarative language, and Puppet will bring your systems into the desired state and keep them there.


Install Vagrant (which requires VirtualBox) then run the following commands:

$ mkdir ~/vagrant
$ git clone --recursive git:// ~/vagrant/pyrocms
$ cd ~/vagrant/pyrocms
$ vagrant up <box>

There are 6 available boxes:

* mysql
* sqlite
* postgres
* pro_mysql
* pro_sqlite
* pro_postgres

Note: The boxes prefixed with pro_ are Profesional only, which will be explained below.

Each box has it's own local IP and its own virtual host set up, so you can set the following in your /etc/hosts file: dev.pyrocms.mysql dev.pyrocms.sqlite dev.pyrocms.postgres dev.pyrocms-pro.mysql dev.pyrocms-pro.sqlite dev.pyrocms-pro.postgres

Then simply browse to http://dev.pyrocms.mysql/. If you would like to only bring up one server then run:

vagrant halt # takes down all servers
vagrant up mysql # bring up just the one

This will hopefully give you a chance to play around with different systems other than just MySQL for a change.

Enable PyroCMS Professional

To use the PyroCMS Professional boxes you will need access to the Professional repo on GtHub. To do this simply email with your GitHub and usernames.

When you have access, add PyroCMS Professional as a submodule:

$ cd ~/vagrant/pyrocms
$ git submodule add ./www/pyrocms-pro

Alternatively you can paste your downloaded ZIP file contents into the /vagrant/www/pyrocms-pro folder.

Configuring Vagrant

There is a Vagrantfile included in the root of this repository with some default settings enabled.

Configuring Puppet

This repo includes a submodule which contains all of our Puppet Manifests, with various modules for building general LAMP-ish stacks. We have a few PHP, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Postgres and SQLite combinations and more will be made over time.

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