FooSnarl is an extension for the Foobar2000 music player. On playtime events (Play, Pause, Stop) FooSnarl sends your user defined "Title Format" message to the Snarl notification engine.
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FooSnarl is a Snarl notification extension for the foobar2000 music player. On playtime events (Play, Pause, Stop) FooSnarl sends your user defined "Title Format" messages to the Snarl notification engine.

Snarl is very powerful and can be used to show notifications in a multitude of styles. It also has functionality to redirect notifications to other systems, like native Windows 8 toats, or your phone via Notify My Android.


  1. Download from the latest release. Note location, don't unzip.
  2. Launch foobar2000, open preferences.
  3. Click the "Install..." button and navigte to where you stored
  4. Select and click Ok.
  5. Enjoy!


Method #1

  1. Open the foobar2000 prefernces screen
  2. Navigate to the components screen
  3. Click on the "Get Updates" button
  4. foobar2000 show you the components that are out of date.
  5. Make sure FooSnarl is selected and foobar2000 will automatically look for and install the latest stable release of FooSnarl.

Method #2

Follow installation steps above. foobar200 will replace your current version of FooSnarl with the latest version.


FooSnarl is open source and provided free of charge. I welcome feedback and contributions. Whether you want to dig right into developing or just want to contribute ideas, this is the place to be. You can either fork the project (please send back pull requests ;) or create new tickets for ideas or bugs.


  • Twitter: @FooSnarl
  • Email: foosnarl -at- googlegroups -dot- com


Obviously, FooSnarl wouldn't exist without Snarl or foobar2000. You can download and get more information about both through the following links.