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An updated / refined version of warptorio
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graphics/technology science updates Jul 24, 2019
locale/en 0.6.1 sync Aug 11, 2019
migrations 0.6.1 sync Aug 11, 2019
sound sync Jul 26, 2019 Update Jul 26, 2019
changelog.txt 0.7.4 sync Aug 17, 2019
control.lua 0.7.4 sync Aug 17, 2019
control_research.lua 0.5.3 sync Aug 9, 2019
data-updates.lua 0.7.4 sync Aug 17, 2019
data.lua 0.7.4 sync Aug 17, 2019
data_warpnuke.lua warp reactor storyline, loot chests, warp nuke etc Jul 25, 2019
data_warptorio-heatpipe.lua 0.7.4 sync Aug 17, 2019
data_warptorio-logistics-pipe.lua warp reactor storyline, loot chests, warp nuke etc Jul 25, 2019
data_warptorio-townportal.lua 0.7.4 sync Aug 17, 2019
data_warptorio-warploader.lua 0.7.4 sync Aug 17, 2019
data_warptorio-warpport.lua science updates Jul 24, 2019
data_warptorio-warpstation.lua science updates Jul 24, 2019
info.json 0.7.4 sync Aug 17, 2019
settings.lua 0.7.4 sync Aug 17, 2019
thumbnail.png sync Jul 26, 2019


An updated / refined version of warptorio


  • Balanced and added a bunch of vanilla researches: mining productivity, character mining speed, character reach, worker robot speed and capacity, inventory capacity, inserter capacity.

  • Fixed a bunch of essential bugs: Multiplayer issues, circuit connections between floors, power supply issues between platform floors, platform logistics pipes connecting with eachother, entity ghosts changing directions between warps and removed unwanted features: energy costs of using teleporters

  • Addressed a bunch of essential gameplay mechanics problems: Made loaders direction determine chest transfer direction, added logistics chests upgrades to loader chests for use with robots late-game which helps to bypass belt throughput limits, significantly increased the maximum number of belts between floors, made platform pipes uni-directional, added circuit connections between floors, and tweaked the behaviour of teleporters to be more predictable and less disorientating.

  • Overhaul: More than doubled the maximum size of the planet floor, factory floor and boiler floors, and gave each floor a unique shape.

  • Overhaul: Science has been completely reworked with an entire chain for each floor and a whole bunch of other new researches, like for adding water to the boiler floor. Science now extends to space science including a warp bomb weapon, warp armor, warp modules, and a set of additional giant rooms for each platform floor.

  • Overhaul: Re-worked stabilizer and accelerator into ability buttons with a shared cooldown, and slightly re-worked and tweaked the warp charge timer.

  • Overhaul: Warp Reactor has been reworked with a progressive research chain, a lore storyline, and is now uniquely interactive with craftable super fuel and a special craftable & placeable entity.

  • New Feature: Planets. You now warp to planets with different attributes, such as iron-rich or a random resource is missing. Each planet has a unique description, hinting at the type of planet you land on. New loot chests will randomly spawn throughout every planet with random goodies in them, encouraging some minor exploration of each planet.

  • New Feature: Warp Rails. You can unlock special platform rails that can withdraw/deposit the contents of an entire cargo wagon at once, opening up some interesting gameplay around the use of trains.

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