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Update: 9/28/2017 This is an old site I made when I was younger. It represents my first attempt at making a website. There are huge problems with it. Lack of compatability with screen sizes and devices (it's optimized for 1440 by 900 chrome). Additionally it gets jittery at certain times which is an artifact of the fact that the cutout effect uses an unconventional hack. The hack use to work fine but as chrome changed versions over time the jittery effect appeared. Additionally the design of the site has heavy problems; UI was emphasized over UX which means that you might miss some details as you scroll through it (there's a gallery of projects I've done that everyone just misses). Check it out at


Quick and dirty build and deploy instructions:

make sure you have nodejs, npm and grunt installed.

then with the project folder as your working directory run:

npm install -d
grunt build

The resulting build will be located in a folder called deploy. If you would like to deploy on an ftp server you will need to edit the Gruntfile.js at around line 60:

		'ftp-deploy': {
				auth:	{
							port: 21,
							authKey: 'key1'
				dest: ''

edit your host and port to be what you need and for your user name and password create a file in the top level directory called .ftppass then format it it like this:


then run run the command below in your favorite shell:

  grunt deploy

this will compile and concat all js and css files then upload the site to the specified ftp server.

the mobile version of the site is simple template generated by yeoman so it follows the prebuilt deployment procedures given by that specific generator. you will need to go into the mobile/ directory and type the following commands respectively to build or to deploy:

	grunt build
	grunt deploy

deployment of mobile follows the same procdures as the original non-mobile version of the site... IN the mobile/ directory you will need to repeat the procedures above: First setup your host in Gruntfile.js and also setup your ftp credentials in .ftppass

Make sure you keep the mobile version of the site in the same place as the desktop version will redirect upon detecting a mobile browser.


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