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@@ -253,6 +253,19 @@ contact people using official apps. The answer is the same for Pyrogram too and
for usernames, meeting them in a common group, have their phone contacts saved or getting a message mentioning them,
either a forward or a mention in the message text.

Code hangs when I stop, restart, add/remove_handler

You tried to ``.stop()``, ``.restart()``, ``.add_handler()`` or ``.remove_handler()`` *inside* a running handler, but
that can't be done because the way Pyrogram deals with handlers would make it hang.

When calling one of the methods above inside an event handler, Pyrogram needs to wait for all running handlers to finish
in order to safely continue. In other words, since your handler is blocking the execution by waiting for the called
method to finish and since Pyrogram needs to wait for your handler to finish, you are left with a deadlock.

The solution to this problem is to pass ``block=False`` to such methods so that they return immediately and the actual
code called asynchronously.

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