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This folder contains example scripts to show you how Pyrogram looks like.

Every script is working right away (provided you correctly set up your credentials), meaning you can simply copy-paste and run. The only things you have to change are session names and target chats.

All the examples listed in this directory are licensed under the terms of the CC0 1.0 Universal license and can be freely used as basic building blocks for your own applications without worrying about copyrights.

Example Description
hello_world Demonstration of basic API usage
echobot Echo every private text message
welcomebot The Welcome Bot in @PyrogramChat
get_history Get the full message history of a chat
get_chat_members Get all the members of a chat
get_dialogs Get all of your dialog chats
callback_queries Handle callback queries (as bot) coming from inline button presses
inline_queries Handle inline queries (as bot) and answer with results
use_inline_bots Query an inline bot (as user) and send a result to a chat
bot_keyboards Send normal and inline keyboards using regular bots
raw_updates Handle raw updates (old, should be avoided)
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