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I tried using hoof but after setting up the nsswitch chrome keeps crashing.

Also when trying it in another browser (opera) when trying to go to it can't find it.

Not sure what the heck I'm doing wrong.

This seems awesome though (although I wouldn't call it zero config) so keep it up!

I'm using Linux mint 11 by the way

I don't have chrome crashes, but neither it nor Firefox works for me. Using Ubuntu.

And you are using the latest ubuntu?

I guess I have it set up wrong. Would be great if there was a screencast or something to help you get started! :)

sickill commented Oct 5, 2011

Also crashing my Chrome. Ubuntu 11.04.

crashes Chrome. Ubuntu 10.10.

gonna try to use it on 11.10

avdi commented Nov 12, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 here. Chrome crashes, Firefox just loads endlessly when pointed at a hoof hostname.

garbados commented Oct 8, 2012

Ubuntu 12.04, crashes Chrome. Removing "hoof" from /etc/nsswitch.conf stops crashes -- but of course, also stops hoof from accomplishing its intended purpose.

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