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#! script for /bin/bash inclusion
# Rules to manage disk space
# This file is initially installed by Ansible, but never overwritten, so
# you can add your own modifications or replace it using your own playbooks!
# It is sourced by the "~/bin/_cron_sweep" job.
# Order matters - once enough space is freed, the script aborts.
# Note that active, prio 3, and ignored items are protected!
# If the rules listed here fail to provide enough space, as much
# of the oldest items as needed are removed.
# Full BD / Remux older than 7 days
make_space -s loaded /BLURAY/,/Remux/ size=+14g loaded=+7d -/1
# Bigger items older than 5 days and with ratio > 3
make_space -s active,-size loaded=+5d size=+3g ratio=+3 -/3
# 1080p after 2 weeks
make_space -s loaded /1080p/ loaded=+15d -/10
# 720p after 3 weeks
make_space -s loaded /720p/ loaded=+22d -/10
# Bigger than 1.5G after 5 days, inactive and big items first
make_space -s active,-size loaded=+5d size=+1.5g