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pyrobase assembles general Python helper functions and classes that can be applied to any project. That includes some additional tasks for the Paver build tool, an improved xmlrpc2scgi module, unit test helpers, and generic base modules for various domains.

All modules have unit tests (currently pyrobase.paver is an exception), and the goal is to reach >80% coverage.



Install it with easy_install pyrobase, or more commonly just add it as a dependency to your project and call develop -U.


See the project's, unit tests, and the full API documentation.


First, check out the source:

    git clone git:// ~/src/pyrobase
    cd ~/src/pyrobase

You are strongly encouraged to build within a virtualenv. If your machine has the "python-virtualenv" package installed, this is simply done by:

    virtualenv --no-site-packages $(pwd)

If you don't have that package, use these commands instead:

    python -c "import urllib2; open('','w').write(urllib2.urlopen('$venv').read())"
    deactivate 2>/dev/null
    python --no-site-packages $(pwd)

Next, install necessary tools and build the project:

    . bin/activate 
    easy_install -U setuptools paver
    paver develop -U
    paver docs
    paver lint -m
    paver coverage
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