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pyrocore (0.6.1) precise; urgency=low
* rtcontrol: Templating in glob filter values
* rtcontrol: `--exec` takes prefixed `:global.cmd=`
* rtcontrol: New timestamp field `last_xfer`
* rtcontrol: New option `--alter-view`
* rtcontrol: Fix for view membership management with `--to` / `-V`
* rtxmlrpc: Added a REPL with auto-completion and stuff (EXPERIMENTAL)
* rtxmlrpc: Load BLOBs from URLs (rtxmlrpc ... @URL)
* rtxmlrpc: Added `--session` option to restore metadata
* rtxmlrpc: "-i @FILE" reads commands from a file
(use '@-' for stdin)
-- pyroscope <> Fri, 21 Jul 2017 22:23:13 +0200
pyrocore (0.5.3) precise; urgency=medium
* issue#53: Use a live check to validate throttle names
* issue#52: Fixed version detection when installed from PyPI
* Include install path and Python release in version info
-- pyroscope <> Sun, 11 Jun 2017 15:17:36 +0200
pyrocore (0.5.2) precise; urgency=high
* Fix: Use `d.save_resume` to flush session
* Fix: Updated a few more places to use new command names
* start script: Use RPATH/RUNPATH as LD_LIBRARY_PATH
(fixes rTorrent-PS runtime linking on newer systems)
-- pyroscope <> Wed, 31 May 2017 19:51:02 +0200
pyrocore (0.5.1) precise; urgency=medium
* Docs: Brand new docs on ''
* Project: Moved to GitHub
* Migration: Read the docs, take note of "rtorrent-pyro.rc"
* rTorrent: Removed support for anything but 0.9.2+
* Python: Removed support for 2.5 and 2.6
* rtcontrol: added '--select' option ('-/')
* rtcontrol: added '--shell' option
* rtcontrol: added '--modify-view' option
* rtcontrol: resolve '-' as a viewname to the current view (needs rT-PS)
* rtcontrol: added 'is_multi_file' field
* rtcontrol: added 'active' for when items last had peers
* rtcontrol: added 'stopped' field
* rtcontrol: added '[ NOT … ]' in conditions
* rtcontrol: added '--prio' action
* rtcontrol: added '--anneal' option for post-filters
* rtcontrol: added '--exec' option for raw XMLRPC commands
* rtcontrol: executing OS commands ('--call' and '--spawn')
* rtcontrol: single item 'views' via '--from #‹hash›' ('#' is optional)
* rtcontrol: actions with arguments (like --custom) now allow templating
* rtcontrol: added 'json' formatter (main use case: files.raw.json)
* rtcontrol: added '--json' to dump items as a JSON array
* rtcontrol: added '--fast-query' option and config setting for query optimizer
* rtcontrol: also added new default template 'json' for '-O json'
* chtor: added '--regex' option
* chtor: replacing {} with the torrent name in --hashed path
* mktor: added '--no-cross-seed' option
* mktor: '-X @entropy' for non-deterministic infohash
* rtxmlrpc: allow passing of binary data via '@-' and '@filename'
* rtxmlrpc: added '--as-import' option to call private commands
* pyrotorque: added queue manager and tree watch features
* pyroadmin: added '--create-import' action
* pyroadmin: added '--dump-rc' action
* pyroadmin: added '--remove-all-rc-files' option
* feature to add custom template helpers
* rtorrent config: added 'tagged' view handling
* rtorrent config: 'd.timestamp.downloaded' attribute (thanks @chros73)
* rtorrent config: 'd.data_path' attribute (never empty, unlike 'd.base_path')
* UI: Rotate through color schemes with the '~' key
* UI: Rotate through category views using '<' and '>'
* UI: The '|' key updates the current category view
* UI: Show uptime and other info by pressing 'u'
* UI: Send a manual scrape for the current item with '&'
* UI: Helper commands `tag.add`, `tag.rm`, and `` (bound to Ctrl-G)
* API: added 'subst' templating helper
* API: 'connect()' helper for easy interactive use
* API: added 'h.' helper namespace to templating
-- pyroscope <> Sat, 27 May 2017 19:12:55 +0200
pyrocore (0.4.2) jaunty; urgency=low
* Added rtorrent.rc include with standard PyroScope additions
to make configuration easier
* mktor/chtor: --set can now create new namespaces, e.g. you
can do "chtor -s baz.torrent"
* rtxmlrpc: Fixed unicode problem when redirecting output
* conky/rtorstat: Show free disk space on download dir's volume
* Support for rTorrent 0.8.8 (not intensively tested)
* Script to migrate a 0.8.6 syntax .rtorrent.rc to 0.8.8 syntax;
-- pyroscope <> Sun, 05 Jun 2011 17:00:11 +0200
pyrocore (0.4.1) jaunty; urgency=high
* Added bash completion for rtcontrol and rtxmlrpc, and generic option
completion to the rest
* rtcontrol: Removed short options from actions that are non-interactive
by default, i.e. -S(top) and -C(lose); update your scripts accordingly
* rtcontrol: "-s*" sorts according to the given output format
* rtcontrol: "--stats" and "--summary" to print a statistical summary;
note that for some fields (e.g. dates) and some kinds of formatting the
summary values might not make sense
* rtcontrol: Added "--detach", so you can call rtcontrol directly from
rtorrent methods and event handlers
* rtcontrol: Added "field=/regex/" pattern filter
* rtcontrol: Added Tempita output templates, they have to start with
'{{' to be recognized, use '{{#}}' if you don't start with a field;
this allows "if" and "for" loops, for more on the syntax, see
* rtcontrol: Added "--output-template" to pass output control to a
Tempita template.
* rtcontrol: Output formats can now be file: URLs that get resolved
automatically; paths can be absolute, relative to "templates" in the
configuration directory or start with "~" for paths in the user's
home. Note that the file content is stripped at the end (i.e. trailing
spaces and newlines are removed).
* chtor: "-s field" now deletes the field (assignment without any value)
* chtor: "-no-ssl" forces announce URLs to be 'http'
* mktor: the chtor "--set" option now also works with mktor
* lstor: Added virtual "__size__" field
* Bugfix: Conditions nested 2 or more levels didn't work
-- pyroscope <> Sun, 17 Apr 2011 18:00:36 +0200
pyrocore (0.3.10) hardy; urgency=low
* New "hashcheck" tool to check data against existing torrent file
* rtcontrol: New option "--tee-view" to ADDITIONALLY show search
results in ncurses view (modifies -V and --to-view behaviour)
* rtcontrol: New options "--purge" and "--cull" for data deletion
* rtcontrol: Prefix "--sort-fields" names with a '-' to get
descending order for that field only
* lstor: new option --skip-validation to show the contents of
broken metafiles (validation errors just result in warnings)
-- pyroscope <> Wed, 02 Mar 2011 01:11:58 +0100
pyrocore (0.3.9) hardy; urgency=low
* Some internal fixes, mostly better error reporting
-- pyroscope <> Sun, 12 Sep 2010 14:04:09 +0200
pyrocore (0.3.8) hardy; urgency=low
* rtxmlrpc: Added --xml option
* chtor: Added --set and --clean-xseed options
* pyroadmin: Added --output option
* Some API changes
-- pyroscope <> Sun, 12 Sep 2010 13:36:36 +0200
pyrocore (0.3.7) hardy; urgency=low
* rtmv: Added symlinked moving
* Added grouping of conditions by [ ... ] (note the spaces)
* Added field "uploaded" (which is actually referenced in 0.3.6's
"short" output format, oops)
* Added field "fno" (number of files in an item)
* Added field "traits" (hierarchical classifier, great for use in
completion paths)
* rtcontrol: Renamed option "--view" into "--to-view"
* rtcontrol: Added option "--from-view" (default is still "main")
* rtcontrol: Exit with return code 44 when the selection is empty
(think "404 NOT FOUND", but then exit codes should be < 256)
* Added common --cron option that activates logging into the file
./log/cron.log in the configuration directory
* Moved default output formats to [FORMATS] section of "config.ini"
* mktor: Added --cross-seed option
* mktor: Added --fast-resume option to add libtorrent completion
* chtor: Added --output-directory and "--fast-resume PATH" option
-- pyroscope <> Sun, 05 Sep 2010 10:00:18 +0200
pyrocore (0.3.6) hardy; urgency=low
* lstor: Added "-o" option to select output fields
* rtcontrol: Print XMLRPC statistics when in verbose mode
* rtcontrol: Added --view-only and --view=NAME options
* rtcontrol: Added --custom KEY=VALUE option (set custom_KEY field)
* rtcontrol: Added field "started" (time of first start)
* rtcontrol: Added field "leechtime" (completed-started, if applicable)
* rtcontrol: Added field "seedtime" (seedtime after completion)
* rtcontrol: Added field "kind" as a taglist
* rtcontrol: Added field "files" with a glob filter that matches any
path in the filelist
* rtcontrol: Added default output format "files"
* rtcontrol: --help-fields now also lists format specifiers
* rtxmlrpc: Added --repr option
* Added "OR" to allow multiple alternative top-level condition sets
on one command line (note it must actually be uppercase)
* Tagged filters now allow exact matching by adding a leading '=',
e.g. kind==mkv (only "mkv", nothing else)
* File extension percentages are cached into the field "custom_kind"
* New format specifiers:
mtime Modification time of a path.
pathbase Base name of a path.
pathdir Directory containing the given path.
pathext Extension of a path (including the '.').
pathname Base name of a path, without its extension.
* Support for custom_1 to custom_5 (these are special in rTorrent)
* Added [XMLRPC] section to "config.ini" so that any method name used
internally can be mapped to ones different from rTorrent 0.8.6
-- pyroscope <> Sun, 29 Aug 2010 13:40:20 +0200
pyrocore (0.3.5) hardy; urgency=low
* rtcontrol: Added "tagged" field and "--tag" option to set them
* rtcontrol: Added "views" field that uses the TaggedAsFilter for selection
* rtcontrol: All named custom attributes are available as "custom_NAME"
* rtcontrol: Added --column-headers option
* Configurable output formats added ("rtcontrol -o format_name")
* Added "--define KEY=VAL" to override configuration attributes, e.g.
to connect to another rtorrent instance via "-D rtorrent_rc=..."
* Output formatting: system field "now" and format spec ".iso" for dates
* xmlrpc-c is now checked for 64 bit support when connecting
-- pyroscope <> Fri, 20 Aug 2010 20:56:49 +0200
pyrocore (0.3.4) hardy; urgency=low
* Note that some new features need special entries in .rtorrent.rc, so read before updating
* chtor: --comment, --bump-date, and --no-date added
* chtor: dropped --force, and replaced it by --reannounce-all
* chtor: takes alias names for announe URLs now
* rtcontrol: added machinery to allow custom field definitions
* rtcontrol: --help-fields added
* rtcontrol: interactive mode added (-i, --yes)
* rtcontrol: --ignore=0|1 added (to set 'ignore commands' flag)
* rtcontrol: added fields "is_ignored" and "is_active"
* rtcontrol: added field "directory" (which unlike "path" won't be empty)
* rtcontrol: --flush added
* rtcontrol: --delete added
* rtcontrol: --throttle=NAME and "throttle" field added
* rtcontrol: added fields "loaded" and "completed"
* rtcontrol: added timestamp filtering, see RtControlExamples wiki page for details
* Added support for XMLRPC TCP connections (scgi_port)
* Added "rtxmlrpc" command
-- pyroscope <> Mon, 16 Aug 2010 00:29:51 +0200
pyrocore (0.3.3) hardy; urgency=low
* rtcontrol: --nul option added (for use with "xargs")
* rtcontrol: --hash-check action added (use with care!)
* lstor: --raw option added
* chtor: options --no-skip, --force, --clean, --clean-all,
--clean-rtorrent, --make-private, --make-public, and
--no-cross-seed added
* "done", "prio", "is_ghost" fields added
* rtmv: tool added (not yet implemented)
-- pyroscope <> Sat, 20 Mar 2010 03:27:08 +0100
pyrocore (0.3.2) hardy; urgency=low
* rtcontrol: Implemented --start, --close, and --dry-run
* Fixed encoding issues when printing to a pipe (i.e. not to a tty)
* Renamed "tracker_alias" to "alias" (adapt your "config.ini")
-- pyroscope <> Sun, 14 Mar 2010 22:17:11 +0100
pyrocore (0.3.1) hardy; urgency=low
* rtcontrol: Added filtering, sorting and output formatting
* Added logging configuration
-- pyroscope <> Sat, 13 Mar 2010 23:26:58 +0100
pyrocore (0.2.1) hardy; urgency=low
* New command line tools "chtor" and "pyroadmin"
* New option "--debug" for all comannds
* Configuration system finished, new option "--config-dir" for some tools,
* New option "--no-date" for "mktor"
* "mktor" now takes a list of announce URLs (not just one), and creates
a unique metafile for each tracker in the list
* Alias names for announce URLs can be configured and given to "mktor"
* "lstor" now masks sensitive data (passkeys) in announce URLs by default
* New option "--reveal" for "lstor" to show announce URLs unmasked
* Concurrent hashing support using named pipes for "mktor", for details
* lstor: a missing "creation date" field is now handled correctly
-- pyroscope <> Mon, 08 Mar 2010 01:45:09 +0100
pyrocore (0.1.1) hardy; urgency=low
* First release of "pyrocore", containing the "lstor" and "mktor" utilities.
-- pyroscope <> Fri, 19 Feb 2010 22:57:27 +0100