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Custom Python Code

You can write your own code for pyrocore implementing custom features, by adding fields, your own command line scripts, or pyrotorque jobs. You probably need a solid grasp of Python for this.

Defining Custom Fields

Adding Custom Template Helpers

In templating contexts, there is an empty c namespace (think custom or config), just like h for helpers. You can populate that namespace with your own helpers as you need them, from simple string transformations to calling external programs or web interfaces.

The following example illustrates the concept, and belongs into ~/.pyroscope/

def _hostname(ip):
    """Helper to e.g. look up peer IPs."""
    import socket

    return socket.gethostbyaddr(ip)[0] if ip else ip

custom_template_helpers.hostname = _hostname

This demonstrates the call of that helper using a custom field, a real use-case would be to resolve peer IPs and the like.

$ rtcontrol -qo '{{d.fetch("custom_ip")}} → {{d.fetch("custom_ip") | c.hostname}}' // -/1 →

Writing Your Own Scripts

Writing Custom Jobs