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🎨 Extended rTorrent distribution with a fully customizable canvas and colors, other feature additions, and complete docs.
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Extended rTorrent distribution with UI enhancements, colorization, some added features, and a comprehensive standard configuration.

Extended Canvas Screenshot

What is this?

rTorrent-PS is a rTorrent distribution (not a fork of it), in form of a set of patches that improve the user experience and stability of official rTorrent releases. See the changelog for a timeline of applied changes, especially those since the last official release.

Note that rTorrent-PS is not the same as the PyroScope command line utilities, and doesn't depend on them; the same is true the other way 'round. It's just that both unsurprisingly have synergies if used together, and some features do only work when both are present.

How do I use it?

See the main documentation for details about installing and using rTorrent-PS.

To get in contact and share your experiences with other users of rTorrent-PS, join the pyroscope-users mailing list or the inofficial ##rtorrent channel on


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