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The default baud rate is 115200.
This code originated from here:
To compile the binary type "make".
To compile the binary, type "make".
Sample usage is as follows
Sample usage is as follows:
./wattsup -c 1 ttyUSB0 watts
This will connect to WattsUp once and output the watt usage.
Here is a summary of command-line options:
$ wattsup
wattsup Version 0.03
A program for interfacing with the Watts Up? Power Meter
Usage: wattsup [<options> ... ] <device> [ <values> ... ]
<device> is the serial port to which the device is connected.
<options> is any of the following:
-h | --help Display help text and exit
-V | --version Display version information and exit
-d | --debug Print out debugging messages
-c <n> | --count=<n> Specify number of data samples
-z | --final Print final interval information
-f <str> | --delim=<str> Set field delimiter (default ", ")
-n | --newline Use '\n' as delimter instead
-t | --localtime Print localtime with each data reading
-g | --gmtime Print GMT time with each data reading
-l | --label Show labels of each field
-s | --suppress Suppress printing of the field description
-b | --calibrate Print calibration parameters
-r | --header Print data field names (as read from device)
-i [<n>] | --interval[=<n>] Get/Set sampling interval
-m [<n>] | --mode[=<n>] Get/Set display mode
-u [<str>] | --user[=<str>] Get/Set user parameters
-a | --show-all Show all device parameters
-N | --no-data Don't read any data (just read device info)
-S | --set-only Set parameters only (don't read them back)
<value> specifies which of these to print out (default: ALL)
watts -- Watt Consumption
volts -- Volts Consumption
amps -- Amp Consumption
kwh -- Average KWH
cost -- Cost per watt
mo-kwh -- Average monthly KWH
mo-cost -- Monthly Cost
max-watts -- Maxium Watts Consumed
min-volts -- Maximum Volts Consumed
max-amps -- Maximum Amps Consumed
min-watts -- Minimum Watts Consumed
max-volts -- Minimum Volts Consumed
min-amps -- Minimum Amps Consumed
power-factor -- Ratio of Watts vs. Volt Amps
duty-cycle -- Percent of the Time On vs. Time Off
power-cycle -- Indication of power cycle
frequency -- AC frequency (HZ)
VA -- VA
- Print header line and read all fields once per second:
wattsup ttyUSB0 -r -s
- Read all fields once per second and print a label with each field:
wattsup ttyUSB0 -l
- Test connection, but do not read measurements:
wattsub ttyUSB0 -N

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