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Modified from

Testers needed for IPv6 support

Experimental release:


  • "User" column has mouseover text containing MAC and IP addresses
  • "First seen" and "Total" columns in usage table
  • Monitoring of locally generated traffic on a per-interface basis
  • remove function to delete iptables rules

What does it do?

wrtbwmon was designed to track bandwidth consumption on home routers. It accomplishes this with iptables rules, which means you don't need to run an extra process just to track bandwidth. wrtbwmon conveniently tracks bandwidth consumption on a per-IP address basis, so you can easily determine which user/device is the culprit.

Here is an example usage table: image

How do I use it?

  • Install: Download and install ipk from the releases page
  • Setup: wrtbwmon setup
  • Update table: wrtbwmon update /tmp/usage.db (you can place the data table anywhere)
  • Create html page: wrtbwmon publish /tmp/usage.db /tmp/usage.htm
  • Dump table to terminal: wrtbwmon dump /tmp/usage.db
  • Remove: wrtbwmon remove

Installation options

  • Install ipk
    • e.g.,:
      • cd /tmp
      • HTTPS: curl -LO
      • HTTP: you're on your own :( Busybox wget usually doesn't have SSL support.
      • OpenWrt: opkg install /tmp/wrtbwmon_0.36_all.ipk
  • Install deb from the releases page
  • Or, if you don't want to use an ipk or a deb:
    • cd /tmp
    • HTTPS: curl -L | tar xvz
    • cd wrtbwmon-0.36
    • ./ wrtbwmon readDB.awk usage.htm1 usage.htm2 wrtbwmon
      • Currently, this depends on the install program. OpenWrt chose to provide this as the "coreutils-install" package.
  • Or, if you have make, just make install as root after cloning/unpacking.

Configuring the published table

  • wrtbwmon checks a few files for MAC -> name maps:
    • 4th argument to wrtbwmon publish <DB> <userDB>
    • /tmp/dhcp.leases
    • /tmp/dnsmasq.conf
    • /etc/dnsmasq.conf
    • /etc/hosts
  • If all of the above do not yield a match, the script will optionally perform a reverse DNS lookup directed at the DNS server specified in the DNS variable. If DNS is blank or unset, the script will not perform such lookups.

Regular updates

  • Add the following to root's crontab:

      # adapt PATH to your needs
      * * * * * <script location> update /tmp/usage.db
      0 * * * * <script location> publish /tmp/usage.db /tmp/usage.htm
  • On OpenWRT you need to enable cron as it is disabled by default:

      /etc/init.d/cron start
      /etc/init.d/cron enable
  • Enable web serving of the generated page (optional) This varies by environment, but for lighttpd:

      ln -s /tmp/usage.htm /var/www/html/

Remove iptables rules

  • wrtbwmon remove