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Mail 0.6.8

Mail is a small library that aims to provide a light and simple mail implementation.


Pick up the source or install it with Composer :

composer require pyrsmk/mail

Sending a basic e-mail

Mail is built on top of Chernozem to have an ease to use configuration.

$mail = new Mail;
$mail['from'] = '';
$mail['to'] = '';
$mail['subject'] = 'Hey, I saw you last night!';
$mail['body'] = 'I saw you. Or not.';

And that's all if you want to send a basic e-mail! Pretty simple, isn't it?

But we have a problem. Our address will be shown as and that is really ugly. Let's correct this :

$mail['from'] = array('Lionel McGonagall'=>'');

It will be shown like this : Lionel McGonagall <>.

Sending to more than one recipient works the same way :

$mail['to'] = array(
    'Peter' => '',
    'Anaïs' => '',
    'Grandma' => ''

That syntax works for cc and bcc parameters too. Note that sender and replyto are accessible too but only with the simple email syntax :

$mail['sender'] = '';
$mail['replyto'] = '';

Sending a more complex e-mail

Let's say we want to send a billing e-mail to an user from our site with an eye-candy design in HTML, a text fallback and a PDF file attachment. That's how we can proceed :

$mail['html'] = '<h1>An awesome title for an awesome bill</h1>';
$mail['body'] = 'Your mail client does not support HTML rendering. So bad.';
$mail['attachments'] = array(__DIR__.'/my_generated_bill.pdf');

That's all we need as configuration ;)

You can also define a filename for an attachment file :

$mail['attachments'] = array(
	$_FILES['image1']['name'] => $_FILES['image1']['tmp_name'],
	$_FILES['image2']['name'] => $_FILES['image2']['tmp_name']

E-mail validation

Additionally, you can validate an e-mail address :

    echo 'The e-mail address is valid';
    echo 'The e-mail address is NOT valid';


MIT in your face.