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Image updater for responsive designs

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molt 3.0.0

Molt is a tiny module that updates images according to the current viewport's width to have a better responsive design. It's built in front of W, it supports AMD/CommonJS and it's available on bower.

Updating from 2.5

  • syntax has changed from data-url="myimg-{320,768}.jpg" to data-320="myimg-320.jpg" data-768="myimg-768.jpg"
  • the listen() method has been removed
  • negate mode has been removed
  • ender module has been removed
  • the data-display attribute has been removed in favor of a better element hidding system


A molt image is set as a regular img tag on your HTML body with some mode attributes and no src (which will be set by molt itself) :

<img data-320="images/image320.jpg" data-728="images/image728.jpg" data-1600="images/image1600.jpg" alt="">

Each mode has a width set and an URL. The width actually works like the min-width media CSS property. So :

  • if the current viewport's width is 1024px, the loaded URL will be images/image728.jpg
  • if it's 1920px, the image will be images/image1600.jpg
  • if the viewport's width is 240px then the image will be hidden

After your tags are fine set, you just have to add images to molt's stack :



Molt is released under the MIT license.

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