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Add better message when bin_dir is not writeable #9

gauthierm opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Currently if a package needs to use the bin_dir and it is not writeable pyrus fails with a cryptic message.

The message should be made better and should contain the command to set the bin dir.


Yeah. The error probably is this:

Pyrus\Installer\Exception: Installation failed
Pyrus\AtomicFileTransaction\MultiException: Unable to begin transaction
Pyrus\AtomicFileTransaction\RuntimeException: Cannot begin - a backup directory still exists
Pyrus\AtomicFileTransaction\RuntimeException: Cannot rollback - not in a transaction

and it's fixed by e.g.

php pyrus.phar . set bin_dir ./bin

But nothing in the error message tells you this. It's quite a time waster.

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