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Feature Release:
Basic fixes:
* Only add pear2 baseinstalldir if the package is for [saltybeagle]
* Add empty $extrafiles array to prevent an exception when packaging a newly generated skeleton. [saltybeagle]
* Update interface references to PEAR2 standards [saltybeagle]
* Simplify the autoload included in skeleton package stub [saltybeagle]
Code Coverage Improvements:
* Improved color schema for the coverage. [helgi]
* New database schema to handle more information. [helgi]
* Show dead code as dead instead of not covered [helgi]
* Improve the code coverage detection, handle xdebug edge cases [helgi]
* Better overall coverage of Pyrus with better processing of xdebug coverage [helgi]
* Speed improvements [helgi]
* Make output easier to read [helgi]
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