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New feature release:
* Add --scanoptions to the make command [cellog]
This allows configuring several things when generating `package.xml`.
This option should specify the location of a php script that specifies 3
overrides to the default values for baseinstalldirs, for directory->role
mapping, and for pathnames in `package.xml`
For example:
// use "htdocs" as our web directory in the repository, instead of www
$scanoptions['baseinstalldirs'] = array('htdocs' => '/');
$scanoptions['rolemap'] = array('htdocs' => 'www');
$scanoptions['mappath'] = array('htdocs' => 'www');
// ignore a library directory we install using pyrus,
// and a specific file
$scanoptions['ignore'] = array('lib' => 'dir', 'some/file.txt' => 'file');
By default, the `make` command looks for scanoptions.php in the same directory
as the package.xml
* Update source layout so files can be autoloaded from checkout [saltybeagle]
* Add code coverage reporter to the www directory [saltybeagle]
* For `$extrafiles`, support any object that implements `PackageInterface` [saltybeagle]
Bugs fixed:
* Increase minimum PHP dependency to 5.3.1RC1 [saltybeagle]
* Prevent fatal errors when only a `package2.xml` is present, ala XML_RPC2 [clockwerx]
* Allow `src/PEAR2` base directory for package layout [saltybeagle]
* Fix Bug #18123 Exception when using `pyrus.phar make -n`. [saltybeagle]
* Correct inconsitency of docs directory name. [saltybeagle]
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