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- Simplify package skeleton generator, #5 [till]
- Automatically exclude files ignored by version control, #12 [fpoirotte]
- Allow channel aliases in several commands, #7, #13 [fpoirotte]
- Substitute @PACKAGE_NAME@ with the package's name, #11 [fpoirotte]
Bug Fixes/Refactoring:
- Removed the PEAR2 namespace and made Pyrus the top level namespace.
This means all includes and classes need to drop the PEAR2 portion [helgi]
- Rename package from PEAR2_Pyrus_Developer to Pyrus_Developer [saltybeagle]
- Remove Subversion references [saltybeagle]
- Backslash escaped incorrectly in package skeleton stub, #15 [sasezaki]
- Return proper values when tests pass/fail, #16 [saltybeagle]