`make` command should look for README.md/README.markdown #10

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Right now the make command only scans for a README file. Most repositories use README.md or README.markdown and it would be convenient to check for those files in addition to README.

Suggested check order:

  1. README.markdown
  2. README.md

+1... but I think there should be a way to specify the actual file to use.
In my case, I often use reStructuredText syntax, so I wish Pyrus could detect README.rst / README.rest files too.

See also https://github.com/github/gollum/blob/master/README.md for other extensions that may be of interest (including additional extensions for Markdown).


I made a quick patch that implements the idea from my previous comment. Does it look like a sensible approach to you?


Yeah, that works OK. I guess I'd like to have the command be smarter by default than to require a custom scanoptions.php for every project.


@fpoirotte, what happened with this? Are you going to (at least) make a pull request for this feature, or better yet, also add some sort of detection?

BTW, if you do add detection by default, I'd personally prefer the exact opposite from @saltybeagle's suggested order. Why? Because of Github - they use that order, so if Pyrus_Developer uses it, then the README file would be completely ignored in the presense of README.md, whereas IMO, it would be better to enable one README file for Github (the ".md" one), and another one (the one without extension) for Pyrus_Developer.

But of course, regardless of the implemented automatic order, if the feature of a custom README from scanoptions.php is there, I'd also be happy with the suggested order.

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