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This repository

Developer tools for building PEAR compatible packages

Developer tools for the Pyrus installer

This package contains several custom commands for Pyrus.

Included are commands for:

* Creating PEAR2 and PECL package skeletons
    * `php pyrus.phar generate-pear2 MyNewPackage`
    * [generate-pear2 documentation][1]
* Creating a package.xml file
    * `php pyrus.phar make`
    * [make documentation][2]
* Packaging PEAR2 and PEAR releases
    * `php pyrus.phar package`
    * [package documentation][3]
* Running phpt tests and generating code coverage reports
    * `php pyrus.phar run-phpt -m`
    * [run-phpt documentation][4]

For more information, read the [documentation][5].

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