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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<package version="2.1" xmlns="" xmlns:tasks="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<summary>A simple channel server for PEAR compatible channels
This package contains a set of scripts to create a simple PEAR compatible
channel server. Included with the package are the scs- commands which are
added to pyrus to manage a PEAR channel.
Example usage from the command line:
php pyrus.phar scs-create &quot;My Channel&quot;
php pyrus.phar scs-release MyPackage-0.0.0.tgz myhandle
More information here:
<name>Gregory Beaver</name>
<name>Brett Bieber</name>
<license uri="">New BSD License</license>
<notes> - Using \Pyrus instead of \PEAR2\Pyrus namespace as per the latest Pyrus
- Move the channel server itself to the Pyrus namespace</notes>
<dir name="/">
<dir name="customcommand" baseinstalldir="/">
<file role="customcommand" name="commands.xml"/>
<dir name="examples">
<file role="doc" name="update_channel.php"/>
<file role="doc" name="upgradeFromChiara.php"/>
<dir name="scripts" baseinstalldir="/">
<file role="script" name="pearscs"/>
<dir name="src" baseinstalldir="/">
<dir name="Pyrus">
<dir name="SimpleChannelServer">
<dir name="Categories">
<file role="php" name="Exception.php"/>
<dir name="REST">
<file role="php" name="Category.php"/>
<file role="php" name="Maintainer.php"/>
<file role="php" name="Manager.php"/>
<file role="php" name="Package.php"/>
<file role="php" name="Release.php"/>
<file role="php" name="Categories.php"/>
<file role="php" name="Channel.php"/>
<file role="php" name="CLI.php"/>
<file role="php" name="Exception.php"/>
<file role="php" name="Get.php"/>
<file role="php" name="Main.php"/>