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Support markdown for readme and #163

patrick-motard opened this issue May 29, 2018 · 3 comments

Support markdown for readme and #163

patrick-motard opened this issue May 29, 2018 · 3 comments
enhancement New feature or request future Related to an upcoming PEP or future development


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Warehouse now supports markdown per this PR.

An explanation of how to use the feature can be found here.

It would be nice to be able to tell pyscaffold to use markdown instead of .rst.

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Thanks @patrick-motard for this suggestion. I also prefer markdown over rst but it still seems that rst is more prevalent in the Python world. Since the goal of PyScaffold is to drive a standard for package creation I don't think it is a good idea to support markdown and rst with the help of a command-line flag. First of all it makes things much more complicated and defies the idea of a standard. So maybe in a new major version update we should completely switch to markdown not only in the Readme but also in Sphinx to keep it consistent. Do you have any idea how many Python projects are moving to markdown? I am definitely interested in a discussion about this.

As a short term solution for you, you could easily write a PyScaffold extension for this.

@FlorianWilhelm FlorianWilhelm added the future Related to an upcoming PEP or future development label Jun 3, 2018
abravalheri pushed a commit to abravalheri/pyscaffold that referenced this issue Jun 4, 2018

75897ba Merge pull request pyscaffold#168 from RonnyPfannschmidt/fix-167
a9a1bd5 acceptance test and changelog for issue pyscaffold#167
f9dd60a actually pass along preformatted
072c43c switch an assert for a trace
8d995d7 fix spelling of preformatted
26b4942 add forgotten attribute that i missed thanks to local state
8d9c073 try to fix pyscaffold#167 by introducing a preformated flag
00f3fbe Merge pull request pyscaffold#166 from RonnyPfannschmidt/enhanced-self-use
f46e7d7 changelog
6699e5e allow unprepared self-use
34125b8 Merge pull request pyscaffold#165 from RonnyPfannschmidt/fix-164
a9aa2f9 fix python2.6 issue with the new test
3e5cc24 rectify flake8 issues
a7ab513 add a regression test for issue pyscaffold#164
1cfcec1 iterate multiple entrypoints when looking for versions
5bd8bbb update default.nix, reindent
a3bc80d Merge pull request pyscaffold#163 from RonnyPfannschmidt/fix-150
29fc011 strip local components off tags, fixes pyscaffold#150
10d75f6 Merge pull request pyscaffold#161 from jayvdb/patch-1
956334b .travis.yml: Use Python version '3.6'
ee8ce47 Merge pull request pyscaffold#160 from sschuberth/per-scm-prefix
016d71f Use per-SCM node prefix letters instead of the general "n"
83b751c Merge pull request pyscaffold#159 from matejcik/master
15a4992 fix sys.executable failure on Windows
7a0b710 Merge pull request pyscaffold#158 from matejcik/master
d1b9dec use sys.executable instead of 'python' for running regression tests
1b2ea95 Merge pull request pyscaffold#157 from sschuberth/node-g-fallback
6e40668 Fix the node for Git to be prefixed with 'g' also in the fallback
a3d8d09 Merge pull request pyscaffold#156 from sschuberth/prefer-git-describe
9b4aaca Prefer to only use 'git describe' for all required info
af581b0 Update README.rst (pyscaffold#155)
9bd1298 Merge pull request pyscaffold#153 from mehulkar/docs
a5a4892 Add note about git describe
b18c53e Merge pull request pyscaffold#151 from pombredanne/patch-1
7ee6a66 Ensure that LICENSE file is included in wheels
905fe1c Delete .hgtags
e914842 Merge pull request pyscaffold#149 from pypa/appveyor
a0290b0 fix tests for windows paths
05064f7 fix appveyor tox env name
81fce1f Merge pull request pyscaffold#148 from RonnyPfannschmidt/fix-138/pip-egg-info-fallback
f51c6e3 fix pyscaffold#138 - add support for the pip-egg-info folder
8c06ee9 Merge pull request pyscaffold#147 from pypa/master_testscript
9c9fc79 Merge pull request pyscaffold#146 from RonnyPfannschmidt/setup/fix_version
fd87aad fix operator typo and a merge mistake
bac6f0b add extra comments to the travis test script
8c13dfc merge my 2 branches to fix the travis setup and selfinstall testing
8f4da52 fix the version check in the script
dc91584 fix typo
2a24680 fix up ci setup for self-install
7493894 create a new test run script with selfinstall
46991be create a new test run script with selfinstall
809a929 repare v1.15.1
5f33027 fix up changelog
26953a6 ensure we find our own version in a sdist
b0d17f1 Merge pull request pyscaffold#133 from reece/master
5338d77 closes pyscaffold#132: adds instructions for passing dict to use_scm_version
951ad9f Merge pull request pyscaffold#130 from pypa/fix-128
acf760b fix issue pyscaffold#128: return None from missmatched parse calls
a91ac1d Merge pull request pyscaffold#127 from pypa/issue-126
4c8d3d1 Update changelog. Ref pyscaffold#126.
fe4182c Strip any local part of the tag from the version when guessing the next version. Fixes pyscaffold#126.
7f31693 Update test to reflect canonical syntax. Ref pyscaffold#126.
d17972e Extract functions for each bump technique.
2743575 Calculate the suffix in one place.
421fa88 Add test capturing failure. Ref pyscaffold#126.
b84d2a4 Merge pull request pyscaffold#125 from majuscule/suggest-write-to-configuration
9c727ee handle uninstalled pkg in __version__ assignment
0e8739f suggest pkg_resources for __version__ export
4ab48a3 suggest write_to config for pkg distribution
ffef94d Merge pull request pyscaffold#120 from mihaic/fix-sphinx-example
97423d0 Fix Sphinx usage example
9cf2009 Merge pull request pyscaffold#118 from RonnyPfannschmidt/git-shallow
79ddd09 address pyscaffold#93 - experimental tools for interacting with git shallow clones
dccfea9 Merge pull request pyscaffold#119 from RonnyPfannschmidt/fix-81
a446485 fix flake8 transgressions
95de8a6 fix pyscaffold#81 - fail more nice if git/hg is not availiable
3a1f72f fix issue pyscaffold#84 - document sphinx using pkg_resources
5c9d94e update changelog
c6c2bd6 Merge pull request pyscaffold#117 from pypa/dumb-sdist
d75f2b2 Merge pull request pyscaffold#116 from RonnyPfannschmidt/trove
11cbc63 update trove classifiers with supported python versions
6b6c6cf stop being smart for sdist
7bf9e8f Merge pull request pyscaffold#115 from cclauss/patch-2
04c42c3 Simplify clean_scheme()
39aa912 Update changelog
63a122c Merge pull request pyscaffold#111 from petrem/master
b037191 use tag's repr() in string format
b8eb297 use --template instead of -T, the latter was added in mercurial 3.0
dfcebb2 fix mercurial for several tags on changeset and distance only consisting of tag commits
570f7f5 Merge pull request pyscaffold#110 from RonnyPfannschmidt/fix-109
de40adc add CHANGELOG entries
5515c95 fix tests after ensuring distance is 0
7307105 fix oversight - when git node is None, distance should be 0
812b80a ignore untracked files in worktree, fixes pyscaffold#109
f9747f4 add test for pyscaffold#109
7961046 Merge pull request pyscaffold#108 from RonnyPfannschmidt/git-distance-initial
388bd58 fix pyscaffold#107 - dont use node if it is none
5ef809f prepare travis publishing of bdist-egg

git-subtree-dir: pyscaffold/contrib/setuptools_scm
git-subtree-split: 75897ba511010efaabf628217d34b589d9299c8f
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I started working on an extension

@FlorianWilhelm FlorianWilhelm self-assigned this Aug 23, 2018
@FlorianWilhelm FlorianWilhelm added the enhancement New feature or request label Aug 23, 2018
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A first release of the markdown extension was just published on PyPI.
@patrick-motard please check it out and let us know what you think.

I'll close this ticket for now. Please report further issues in the issue tracker of the extension.

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