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How Can I Contribute?

Reporting Bugs and Suggesting Enhancements

The easiest is creating an issue. You can do that for ideas or problems.

For bugs, if possible, try to construct a small code example that exhibits the problem. Include version numbers (Python, pySerial, pySerial-asyncio).

Pull Requests

Code / test / documentation contributions are of course welcome!

Consider that this is a project that aims to run on many platforms and architectures and therefore needs implementations covering all of them, of course there are exceptions and starting on one platform is better than starting on none.

When providing new features, also think of documentation and tests if possible.


  • By contributing to this project, you agree that the material is labeled as "copyright by pySerial-team". Names or handles of individual contributors are listed in a separate file: CREDITS.rst.
  • Your contribution may be used in its original or modified form.
  • The project maintainer(s) can make decisions in the name of the pySerial-team. Including but not limited to:
    • making releases, adding/removing features, changing the design, etc.
    • adding or removing project maintainers
    • license changes, as long as it remains a permissive open source license.