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A vimrc file and different bundles. This vim setup requires at least Vim 7.3 compiled with python & multibyte support.

The font used when running gVim is Inconsolata; the OpenType file is included in this repo.

The config uses pathogen for automatically adding the below bundles to the Vim runtimepath.

To generate the documentation tags for each plugin, run :Helptags.

For Tagbar to work well with JavaScript (and probably other languages), we highly recommend installing the latest version of Exuberant Ctags.

For Syntastic to check syntax of different file types, you optionally need to have a PHP runtime, JSHint, and/or PyFlakes installed.


Check out VimConf to your home folder like so:

cd ~

git clone --recursive git://

Then create symlinks to the files inside the repo:

ln -s ~/VimConf/.vim ~/.vim

ln -s ~/VimConf/.vimrc ~/.vimrc

ln -s ~/VimConf/.vimrc_custom ~/.vimrc_custom

ln -s ~/VimConf/.gvimrc ~/.gvimrc

That way, any time you want to update to the latest versions of the VimConf, you can just git pull inside the VimConf folder.

cd ~/VimConf/

git pull

Bundle List

All of these are loaded as git submodules as of 01/19/2012 so if your repo is older than that you will need to go into your checkout and do the below commands for things to work:

git pull

git submodule init

git submodule update

If you haven't checked out the repo yet, be sure and clone it with the --recursive flag and it will grab everything.

Color Schemes

  • blayden Default
  • solarized Can be set in .vimrc_custom - follow instructions at vim-colors-solarized

Keybindings and Commands

NERDCommenter Default Mappings

The below mappings are default in NERDCommenter, and the ones most used, so they are included in our README.

Keys Command
,c[spacebar] Toggles comment state of the selected line(s)
,cl Comment current line or text selected in visual mode (forces nesting)
,cu Uncomment selected lines(s)

RopeVim and Python commands

To use Rope you need to build the project: :RopeOpenProject and :RopeAnalyzeModules. Make sure you add anything your project needs, path wise. For example, run :RopeProjectConfig and add the paths:

     # You can extend python path for looking up modules
     prefs.add('python_path', 'lib')
Keys Command
C-space Autocomplete as you type.
,g Go to definition of object under cursor.
,d Display documentation of object under cursor.
,f Find all occurrences of object under cursor.
,j Jump to global object name.
,b Insert PDB set_trace() breakpoint.
[[ or ]] Next/previous class or global function.
[M or ]M Next/previous method.

See python-mode for more shortcuts and options.

Custom Mappings

Keys Command
,, Toggles comment state of the selected line(s)
,si Adds a 'Signature' to the end of the line. Ex. ' -- Ben Hayden 5/14/2012'
,tc Close tab
,tn Next tab
,tp Previous tab
,te Edit new tab
,l Toggle BufferGator plugin
,nt Toggle NERDTree plugin
,tb Toggle Tagbar plugin
,e Open Syntastic Error Location List
,en Go to next error
,ep Go to previous error
,ig Toggle IndentGuides plugin
,lc Compile LESS file to CSS. Requires NPM install of less
,p Set paste nonumber for easy copy & pasting in a terminal
,np Set nopaste number to go back normal editing mode
,xp Put (Paste) from system clipboard
,xy Yank (Copy) to system clipboard
,xx Cut to system clipboard
,s Write file
,sp Turn on Spell checking for EN_US
,nsp Turn off Spell checking for EN_US
,q Write & quit file
,rf Turn Syntax off/on on a file - a "refresh" of the syntax highlighting
,v Vertical split window
,h Horizontal split window
,cw Close window
,bd Delete (close) buffer
,ch Clear (turn off) highlighting
,rt Re-tab entire file. (Shortcut for gg=G)
,hb Send selected visual hunk to hastebin
,O Insert a newline before the current line without entering insert mode
,o Insert a newline after the current line without entering insert mode
,[spacebar] [character] Insert a character in place without entering insert mode
,a [character] Appends a character in place without entering insert mode
,ws Runs TrimWS and retab on the current buffer
:W Write as super user
:Tabs2Spaces Convert tab characters to 4 space characters
shift + down arrow Jump down 10 lines
shift + up arrow Jump up 10 lines
control + h Switch to left window
control + j Switch to bottom window
control + k Switch to top window
control + l Switch to right window
control + p Start CtrlP plugin
*visual selection + * Visual Selection Search with //
visual selection + # Visual Selection Search with ??