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This is an awesome information radiator to show the status of the badges you have in your project.

A badge is any visual token of achievement, affiliation, authorization, or other trust relationship. The badges are displayed as a CI dashboard.


Just open the index.html file and see how the dashboard is rendered.


None! Just clone the repo and open the index.html file in your favorite browser.

Once you have a copy, make the adjustments to the configuration file located in assets/data_source/badges_list.js to use your own badges.

Note: Due to CORS restrictions, this page uses a proxy to add cross-origin headers when building the widgets panel. Check additional information about the CORS proxy on NPM.

How it works

We capture the badges list (SVG files) and we read the color information from a single pixel, from there, depending on the color of the pixel the widget is painted with its corresponding color.

This would be the ussual view of the project badges.

Adding your badges and colors

Use the coordinates_testing.html file to determine based on the SVG coordinates the RGB color to be used in the JS configuration file.

To do so, copy the link to your badge, find the badge example in the file, replace it with yours, open the file in a browser, get the console logs and move around the mouse over the badge to see the coordinates and the RBG color that matches it.

Adding custom color badges

To add new colors, edit the assets/css/custom.css file and add new color definitions for the widgets. Once you define the new color, in the configuration file called assets/data_source/badges_list.js use the new color like in the following example.

colors:[['<new_color_definition','<matching_rgb_from_the _badge>'],['status-good','48,196,82']],


We use both smashing and gridster to create the dashboard and its widgets.


Badgeboard is part of Pystol and Pystol is open source software licensed under the Apache license.

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